Chef Priya Joseph
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Chef Priya Joseph

Restaurant consultant and Chef trainer

To please the palate is a blessing but to please the soul creates deep contentment to the recipient and for the creator. At Soulful Creation, Priya combines her cooking techniques with tips & insights on how to bring the best out of food in a way that is simple and easy to do.

Through Soulful Creation Priya intends to impart the knowledge she has built up over the years and what she learnt professionally. She does not just teach recipes but also how each step can and needs to be done just right to create a dish that is pleasing to all the senses.

A large part of her professional interest is in actively researching the world cuisines for preparations that can delight. She shares her creative rendering of dishes from the Indian, South East Asian, Italian & Mediterranean cuisines.

Priya graduated in Culinary Arts (Asian & Western Cuisine) from the prestigious At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy in Singapore. In addition, to further her skills in teaching she also undertook the Instructor Course through Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). She is also a MOE accredited culinary Instructor. She has worked in fine dining Italian restaurant run by Michelin Star chefs at the Resort World Sentosa and in kitchens specializing in Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Priya has deep knowledge of Italian, Indian and South Asian Cuisine. The diversity of her interest fuels her creative instinct in creating fusion food, particularly in an array of entrée’s, where each bite is a delight.

Priya also offers sessions focusing on baking and various western desserts.

Her growing reputation and skill has been featured on Television and Asianet ran a special feature,

Priya has been pursuing her passion for teaching with over 3 years of Culinary teaching experience and is Guest Chef Instructor in two culinary schools in Singapore and offers instruction through in-person classes in Singapore as well as virtual sessions for enthusiast around the world.

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Classes are mainly held at the Palate Sensations culinary school - Chromos #01-03, 10 Biopolis Rd, 138670.

For Priya, both cooking and teaching are passions and she combines them to provide a learning experience that is unique. In this brave new world of social distancing Priya has also developed her repertoire to including classes through Virtual platforms, including Zoom.

Whether it is groups of individuals, Corporate events or birthday parties, preparing and then sharing food brings people together and makes learning fun. If you would like to learn how to make delicious food come to life and with a bit for the Soul, then click through for further details

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